5 Ways to Save Money on Baby Food

5 Ways to Save Money on Baby Food
Many parents go into panic mode when their baby is ready to eat solids - it's yet ANOTHER thing to spend money on. And buying prepared baby food is not only pretty unhealthy, but the costs add up very quickly too!
So here are some of my tricks to saving money (and time!) when it comes to starting your baby on solids.
#1 Baby Led Weaning
BLW is the first step to saving money because your baby is eating what you're already cooking for yourself and the rest of the family! No special purchases required! #mommywin
#2 Plan Ahead
It's important that you plan your meals out for the week before your go grocery shopping. This was you only buy what you need and don't waste money. Remember: its OK to repeat a dinner menu more than 1x per week! (And whoever complains, can cook their own damn meal, aiiight?!)
#3 Simplicity is KEY
Don't over complicate your meals. My go-to marinade for meats is sour cream+mustard (once you try it, you'll never go back!). Garlic powder is my secret weapon in the kitchen - it can go on ANYTHING! You don't need a heavy duty sauce for your pasta - olive oil and parmesan is delicious and simple! Veggies and fruit are delicious just as they are!
#4 Left Overs are KING
I'm lazy and I'm not ashamed. Leftovers are GREAT for lunch and even as a side to your breakfast eggs.
#5 Breakfast for Lunch. And dinner. And, of course, breakfast.
Is there a law that I'm not aware of that says you can't have eggs for lunch? Didn't think so. Eggs. Oatmeal. Bagels. Crepes. Yogurt. Avocado toast. The possibilities are endless! Easy. Healthy. Boom.
Ever since I started this approach to feeding my family, I've found that I saved a ton of money - money that was wasted on processed foods and snacks. Instead, I now use these savings to buy higher quality items like fresh, organic, and cage-free products and my family is eating delicious and nutritious meals everyday!
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