Baby Led Weaning – For the Lazy Mom in All of Us

Baby Led Weaning – For the Lazy Mom in All of Us

There are many incredible reasons to do #BLW for your baby:

- Develop fine motor skills

- Early exposure to allergens

- Healthy eating from day one

- Develop a healthy relationship with food

- Develop an advanced and varied taste palate

But my personal reason? It’s EASY!!!

Of course, I think about all the benefits for my child first, but I can’t deny that at the end of the day, the part that is my favorite….is that it’s easy!!! My BLW baby eats what we eat – no time wasted in the kitchen pureeing foods, storing purees, heating up purees, spoon feeding purees!

And my BLW toddler – eats what we eat too! I cook 1 healthy meal and the whole family is fed!

So what did we have for dinner? Salmon, Rice, and Asparagus. Spices used – garlic powder and lemon. On everything. Done in 30 minutes. #easyrecipes #mommywin #momlife #healthyeating

Healthy – check!

Easy – Check!

Happy Baby – Check!

Happy Toddler – Check!

Happy Husband – Check!

Happy Mama – Check!

Thanks for reading along!

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