Benefits of BLW

Benefits of BLW

Hitting milestones is very exciting - for baby and mom! And one of the most exciting milestones, for me, is when babies start eating solids! 

But before the excitement starts, a lot of moms experience panic - there are so many different feeding routes to choose! Between Traditional, Baby Led Weaning, Combo feeding - mom guilt is always creeping in the back of our minds...what if we choose the wrong route? What if me make a mistake?! 

The good news is that there is no ONE way or RIGHT way to feed your baby. As long as your child is healthy - you're doing it right! 

In this post, I will discuss the benefits of the route that I took with my kids - Baby Led Weaning - and why it was the best method for me! 

So here are the benefits of BLW for baby:

- BLW cultivates a healthy relationship with food. Because babies are in control of how much they eat, they are never force fed or develop stress/fear of finishing foods. 

- By feeding themselves, babies are practicing their coordination and motor skills. 

- BLW fosters and independence and self-feeding. 

- BLW saves time and money - no need to prepare separate meals for baby. The whole family eats the same! 

- BLW prevent picky eating! Babies that are exposed to a variety of flavors and textures from day 1, will be used to the idea of a variety of foods - and never have the fear of something different! 

As a busy working mom, BLW was an attractive route for me to choose - it was a way to develop skills that may children will need in the future AND it was easy for me! 

Whats your reason for doing BLW? Comment below! 

And as always, thanks for reading along! 

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