Healthy Meals Don't = Complicated Meals!

Healthy Meals Don't = Complicated Meals!
As a mom of 2 kiddos and small business owner I am VERY busy. And unfortunately, I am also quite lazy. And even worse - I like to eat healthy, delicious meals! This doesn't sound like the best mix but amazingly, my laziness has pushed me to new limits of discovery and I've come up with a few meals that hit all the marks: Healthy, Delicious, and Easy!
#1 Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled eggs with a sprinkle of cheese on top, paired with fresh fruit or veggies and TADA!!! If you're really fancy (or have the extra time), you can add some meat or veggies or feta cheese into the scrambled eggs.
#2 Oladushki
My family is Russian and this little pancake is a childhood staple in any Russian home. It’s a mini pancake made with protein-rich yogurt! A cup of yogurt, an egg, mix in milk and flour to get a pancake-batter-like consistency and then drop the batter by the spoonful on the skillet and fry on both sides!
These are perfect for little hands to grab, takes minutes to make, and make the perfect meal or on-the-go snack (especially for air travel!!)
#3 Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich
Slice banana, add peanut butter. Done. Add some fresh veg on the side (my go to is Avocado - SO healthy and SO easy). BOOM! #lazymamawin
Hope this meal suggestions take some pressure of your meal routines! Thanks for reading along and remember to use code BLOG10 to get 10% off your #YuriBib order!


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