Messy Eating to Prevent Picky Eating

Messy Eating to Prevent Picky Eating

Whether you are a first time mom or a seasoned mom, there's one thing that gets us all stressed - PICKY EATING! 

Picky eating not only makes meal times stressful, but it also makes meal prep stressful (worrying about what to cook), and even post-meal (worrying if your child has enough nutrients)! So how do we set ourselves, and our children, up for a successful eating journey and avoid developing picky eaters for life? With MESSY EATING! 

That's right! The best antidote to picky eating is messy eating! The messier your baby gets during meal times, the less likely they will become picky eaters later on! 

And here's why:

1. Messy eating encourages PLAY and babies learn best when they have stress-free play time. 

2. Playing with foods means EXPLORING new flavors, textures, and smells! Getting used to this variety NOW means no scary surprises for baby later on! 

3. Self-feeding develops fine motor skills and confidence in your own understanding of consumption needs - BABY knows when she's full and when she's hungry! 

So Go Ahead, Kid. Make a Mess. YuriBib will keep you covered!! (And save mom's sanity when it comes to clean up)!

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