No Teeth? No Problem! #BLW for the Win!

No Teeth? No Problem! #BLW for the Win!
Some of the most frequent questions I hear is about teeth and baby led weaning: My baby has no teeth, what can he eat? My baby only has 2 teeth, should we avoid meat? My baby has 1 tooth, should we stick with purees?
Fortunately, the answer is one and the same - a baby doesn't need to have teeth in order to start eating solids! Yes - you read that right! No teeth - no problem!
Babies use their gums to gnaw and suck on foods to get at the yummy nutrients in anything from steaks to asparagus! And gums are not JUST soft tissue - its soft tissue covering a BONE! And that bone is pretty hard - so baby can chew, no problem!
So go ahead and serve your baby finger-length foods - meats, vegetables, fruits, pastas - and watch them enjoy the same, healthy meal that the rest of the family is having!
Hope this posts helps you get excited for some yummy teeth-less meals with your baby!
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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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