Pre-Loaded Spoons for #BLW

Pre-Loaded Spoons for #BLW

#BabyLedWeaning is a wonderful way for babies to learn how to eat everyday foods and get used to a variety of textures and flavors. But does this mean that puree-like foods are off the table? Absolutely NOT!

If you have a puree-like food that you want to offer your baby, for example #Yogurt, this is exactly where pre-loaded spoons come into play. Just put a little yogurt on a spoon and hand it to your baby.

It takes practice, but as your baby develops her fine motor skills, she will get better at grabbing the spoon, putting it into her mouth, and thus feeding herself! #parentingwin

Does it get messy - Yes. Does it get better - Also, YES!

Here's my baby girl Michelle who started with yogurt at 6 months. She's a few days shy of turning 7 months but already she's pretty good with pre-loaded spoons! Its no longer JUST playing with her food - she's actually eating some now too!

And Yogurt is such a great food for baby (and not to mention an EASY mealtime solution for mom)! Make sure to buy full fat and with no sugar added - its a great source of protein! #babyledweaning #babyfood #toddlerfood #healthyfood #mommywin

Thanks for reading along!

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