Why has my Baby Stopped Eating?!?!

Why has my Baby Stopped Eating?!?!
So your baby used to be an eating champ but all of a sudden they've stopped eating? They used to eat a plate 2x the size of yours, but not any more?
Picky eater, fussy eater...yup. We've all been there. And guess what, we're gonna be right back here again soon!
Yes baby led weaning is a wonderful method that teaches babies to eat a variety of flavors and textures - from 6 months til forever! But the truth, the fussy eater phase will get them!
All babies go through fussy eating phases no matter how good of an eater they were before. So don't panic!
There could be lots of reasons for this:
- Teething
- Sick
- Growth Spurt
- Tantrum
- or even just because its Monday!
The best thing to do when your baby enters this phase is to continue offering them their meals. Every meal. As soon as the current tantrum de jour is over, they will be back to devouring the delicious flavors that they were used to!


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