About Us

Inspired by Baby, Invented by Mom

YuriBib was founded on a passion for food…and a hatred of cleaning!

When my son started eating solids, I was beyond excited to explore new flavors, textures, and cuisines with my lil’ future foodie. But the excitement didn't last long when I realized how short meal times were compared to how LONG clean up was. 

I loved watching my son explore his palette but then bathing him after EVERY MEAL or changing into yet ANOTHER outfit, followed by cleaning the highchair tray…then the seat… then the straps…then the floor…AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN…are you kidding me?!?! With a squirmy baby on top if it all?!?!

No. Freakin’. Way. And so the YuriBib was born!! 

To all the mamas and papas and grandparents and caretakers out there – may the YuriBib save you a little bit of sanity, a lot of time cleaning, and bring the joy of mealtimes back into your lives!